Tuesday, August 30, 2011

more pictures!

Pictures from Day Two and the Closing BBQ!

U of A Walking Tour - outside the KIAS building!

Charly Wreggit, University of Manitoba

Flora Yu, University of Waterloo
Adam Serwa, Columbia College Chicago
Adam Serwa, Columbia College Chicago

Keynote Address from Kei Narita, Tohoku University


Class Picture!!

TIN 2011 Cohort!

Luke Burns, University of Bristol


Simon Factor, University of Sydney

Simon Factor, University of Sydney

Cesar Othon Hernandez Romero, UNAM


David Holmes, University of Alberta


Antony Kalashnikov, University of Alberta

Engaging discussions!


Kaz Tsujii, University of Bristol


Luke Burns, Simon Factor and Kaz Tsujii fielding questions from the audience

BBQ time!

Andriy Nahachewsky, Anu Varsava and Bohdan Medwidsky

Katre Leino, Dr. Peter Kule and Dr Doris Kule

Adam Serwa, Kaz Tsujii, Holli-Anne Passmore and Simon Factor

Kei Narita and Katre Leino

Dean Lesley Cormack with Sam Lindsay, University of Leeds

Peter and Doris Kule, speaking with Vice-Provost Colleen Skidmore


A lovely evening for a BBQ

Dr Roman Petryshyn with Holli-Anne Passmore

Bohdan Medwidky with Maryna Chernyvska


The terrific Stringbeans Quartet - thanks to Edmonton Festival City!

Vice-Dean Heather Zwicker with students from the conference

Luke Burns, Anna Biscoe, Drs Peter and Doris Kule, and Ellis Sims


Regailing our founding benefactors with conference tales.


Words from Jerry Varsava

Vice-Provost Colleen Skidmore brings greetings

Vice-Provost Colleen Skidmore, Dr Jerry Varsava, Drs Peter and Doris Kule

The Kules being presented with a letter from Premier Ed Stelmach

Dean Lesley Cormack brings greetings from the Faculty of Arts


Party animals

The game that no one knew what it was...

Goodbye! Sad face.

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