Friday, July 29, 2011

barbecue band!

KIAS was very excited to find out that the Edmonton Festival City is going to be providing us with entertainment for the closing barbecue at Alumni House! The Stringbeans Quartet has been confirmed and, as four U of A graduates, we are super happy to have them play at our event.

The group plays music "not normally played" by a string quartet...think "Tainted Love". You can check out their website here:

Counting down the days now!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

powerpoint presentation

PowerPoints! A number of students will find it helpful to have a visual aid for their essay - either to illustrate an important quote, image, map, sound clip, movie clip, etc. All of the panel rooms are equipped with the technology required for PowerPoints, as well as an internet connection.

In order to make sure that everyone's presentation is in working order, I think it would be helpful for students to send their presentations to me, before the conference, to make sure that everything in it works just fine.

For students at the U of A already, you can go to one of the campus libraries and run the presentation there to make sure that it works on the campus computers. For international students, send 'em to me!

Keep in mind that you don't have to have a PowerPoint - many people won't need them! It's certainly not a requirement and won't take away from your presentation if you don't have one.

Send any files to me by August 10th:


Thursday, July 21, 2011

tentative schedule

Hello to all,

With the time running down on the conference, we are posting the tentative schedule for the panel presentations - I know that there are some students in Edmonton with summer jobs, and you might need to have a better feel for when you are going to be busy!

I hope that this helps you and maybe ease some of the curiosity around the "when" of your presentation.

I will note that while this isn't the final schedule, it is very close to it and barring any significant happenings, this will be the final schedule. The panels seek to group papers with common interests and themes; hence, it is very difficult for us to do much moving around without possibly jeopardizing the set-up of another panel.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Thursday, August 18

9 - 10am            Keynote Address: Sean Gouglas

10:15 - 11:45     Panel A: Gow (Chair); Dubnewick, Passmore, Sims
                          Panel B: Conrad (Chair); Archibald, Grant, Van Herpt
                          Panel C: Varsava (Chair); Murray, Snodgrass, Averin

2:15 - 3:45         Panel D: van Egteren (Chair); Kusmu, Leino, Maggio
                          Panel E: Rein (Chair); Unger, Lindsay, McGivern
                          Panel F: Greer (Chair); Beecham, Triebel, Wallis

3:45 - 5:15         Panel G: Rein (Chair); Luckert, Shao, Suh
                          Panel H: Greer (Chair); Burian, McNish

Friday, August 19

9 - 10:30am        Panel I: Harder (Chair); Hubble, Legault, Valberg
                           Panel J: Paragg (Chair); Douglas, Hilden, McMann

10:45 - 12:15      Panel K: Paragg (Chair); Pasek, Serwa
                           Panel L: Harder (Chair); Shoots, Wreggitt, Yu

1:30 - 2:30          Keynote Address: Kei Narita

2:45 - 4:15          Panel M: Zeng (Chair); Hernandez Romero, Holmes, Kalashnikov
                           Panel N: Varsava (Chair); Burns, Factor, Tsujii

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

all aboard!

We are now closing on the one month mark to TIN and I am happy to announce that we have full registration! And with 3 days to the deadline! Excellent time management skills everyone.

The conference program, with panel participants, will be available in the next week or two; you will see who your co-panelists are, who your chair is, and so on.

As always, if you have any questions, fire away.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Poster Templates

For those students who indicated on their application form that they would be presenting a poster at the conference, I have uploaded a number of templates for your use under the "Poster Template" page in the left navigation menu.

If you did not indicate that you would be presenting a poster, please do not use these templates! You will be scheduled according to your applied-for presentation type.

Thanks - and happy Monday!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Conference Basics - Tips and Tricks!

As promised to attendees, we have the Conference Tips sheet ready for you! This was originally prepared by a fantastic researcher here at the University of Alberta, Cressida Heyes, and she kindly let us adapt it for TIN.

Our Director (and TIN mastermind), Jerry Varsava, has made some tweaks and we hope that this will answer some of the questions that we have already been receiving from the participants. I am sure that there are more questions out there, but this lays out the preparation of your paper, the structure of a conference panel, tips on giving your paper, asking and receiving questions during the session and what happens AFTER the conference.

You can view the document on our Google Docs site:

And just to remind you all: don't hesitate to contact me with any additional questions at any point. No question is too small - a great deal of you are travelling vast distances to attend and we want to make this conference as memorable as possible!

Happy writing (and practicing out loud...I know all of you are, right?!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

The countdown is on...

Welcome to the TIN Blog!

Hello to all!

KIAS is very excited about the upcoming conference, Tomorrow's Ideas, Now, happening in August 2011. This blog will be a space for participants and interested parties to check out what is happening with the conference in the days leading up to it, to see videos and pictures posted from the proceedings, and other interactive materials!

This blog is meant to be a more interactive way for students and the public alike to get in on the fun, so feel free to leave comments, feedback, and suggestions in the Comments spaces. All we ask is that you keep clean, free from libel, slander, racism, and other derogatory expressions.

Can't wait for the conference!