Thursday, August 18, 2011

conference begins!!

After an eventful lead-up to the conference start, all the students have arrived from far and wide to participate and share their work with their peers. Students from Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Mexico, Australia, China, and Japan are in attendance and ready to dig deep into the KIAS research themes and their own research ideas.

Last night we had the Welcome Reception at the University of Alberta Faculty Club, which was a great place for the students to meet one another, as well as the KIAS staff (all two of us) and the panel chairs that they would be presenting in front of the following day. The students kept us late into the night (9pm is late for us!) and really enjoyed meeting each other.

Today started bright and early with final registrations, and continental breakfasts in the Humanities Centre on the U of A campus. First panels are down, first keynote is down. Lunch and walking tour to come, as well as photos and videos! (I have misplaced my camera are momentarily stuck on the camera).

The students from afar wanted all their schools to know that they made it, they came to the conference and haven't run off to the mountains...yet.

An excellent start to a terrific conference.

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