Friday, July 20, 2012

ready, set, go!

That's that! Registration is closed and the elite students that were chosen to participate in the 2012 TIN conference have gotten themselves signed up for an amazing experience. In all, we will have 48 students presenting at this year's conference, from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Norway, Ukraine, The Netherlands, and New Zealand. Exciting!

The tentative program will be posted next week, which will let our presenters know when they will be sharing their research with their colleagues, as well as the social events of the conference. We have a team of ten volunteers to make sure that your conference is an amazing experience, as well as a bunch of extra fun things to do.

As a taste, check out the Art Gallery of Alberta's current exhibitions - TIN presenters will be given a private tour of the gallery and the current exhibitions!

We at KIAS are looking forward to meeting all of you. You are joining a great group of students as TIN Alumni.


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